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Grand Line Vine: The One Piece Fandom Newsletter
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Welcome to the Grand Line Vine! grand_line_vine is a daily One Piece fandom newsletter.

We are a newsletter that seeks to bring together One Piece fans from accross the internet, encourage cross-pollination between the various scattered bits and pieces of the fandom, and promote a sense of fandom community. We strive to post materials that are of interest to the fandom, including canon news, new manga and anime releases, discussion topics, activites, and fan creations of all kinds, including stories, art, icons, AMVs, and anything else fans make. We also hope to be a source of good story and art recommendations via our Editor's Choice section.

Please be aware that this journal links to mature content. We try to label everything appropriately, but we are fallible and ultimately you are respondible for what you click on.

You do not need to join to get the newsletter. Membership is restricted to editors. To get the newsletter to appear on your friends page, just add it to your watch list.

To get a quick overview of what we cover and to learn how we label things, take a look at our sample issue. If you have questions, please see the FAQ. We are currently looking for new staff members and for places and people to watch Please do let us know what you think! We are always open to suggestions!

Please note that self-pimping is highly encouraged! It's the best way to get your stuff in the newsletter. To submit your One Piece news, discussion, activity, community, or fanwork, comment here!

glv_watch is the journal we use to keep up with news posted on personal journal and communities on LiveJournal. If you would like to suggest a journal or community to watch, please comment here. We also have accounts on most major archives to watch authors and artist, and will post information on how to contact us about off-LJ news.

This is a closed community. You do not have to be a member to read this newsletter. To subscribe to the newsletter and have it show up on your friends page, add this community to your watch list.


jubin Link Checker, Skimmer
yaznall Canon watchdog

To join our staff, please apply!


If you would like to affiliate, please comment here or send an e-mail to grand.line.vine@gmail.com with your community/project and a summary of its purpose. We are open to affiliating with One Piece or newsletter communities, but if you have something else in mind that would still be of interest to One Piece fans or newsletter readers, feel free to go for it. Thank you!